I am Lockdown Lamb

I’m a simple lamb puppet here to make you smile.  My friends and I get into some interesting situations when we get out of the house and you can follow our adventures right here. I have recently partnered with a local friend who has a Redbubble shop and now I am officially a “lambpreneur” – well, that is if I sell anything . . . 

New Merch Shop

Wearable Swag

You may find it odd that a lamb with no shirt is trying to sell you one. Clearly, I didn’t make these either since I don’t actually have hands. What I do have are friends with both hands and shirts and they said they had to have them. 

Lamb Gear

Things you didn’t know you needed until you saw a lamb puppet like me on them. Stickers, notebooks, shower curtains and more. Merch to make you feel lambtastic!

Our latest favourites

Life in motion

Check out all the episodes of Lockdown Lamb & Friends.
Chronicling the life of a lamb puppet, his best dawg friends and the odd guest appearance. 

Episode 9

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Episode 2

Still Life

See Lamb’s artistic side and some images from everyday life as he navigates through the lockdown of 2020 and beyond.

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